Backup for your Chirotouch Server

An online backup service is one of the best ways to protect your data against such threats as a crashed hard drive,accidental deletion and computer viruses. You can either tear out your hair when a disaster strikes your hard drive or you can prepare for it ahead of time, but data loss is as inevitable as death and taxes.

As a chiropractor, you rely on your electronic health record (EHR) system to manage patient records, schedule appointments, and more. It's important to ensure that this information is safe and secure, in case of any unexpected events such as natural disasters, equipment failures, or cyber attacks. One way to protect your EHR data is by using cloud backup.

Cloud backup is a service that stores copies of your data on a remote server, which is hosted on the internet. This means that you can access your data from any device with an internet connection, without the need to install any software or maintain a local server. In the event of an unexpected event, you can restore your data from the cloud backup to get your practice up and running again as quickly as possible.

There are several advantages to using cloud backup for your ChiroTouch EHR. One of the main benefits is that it is highly secure. Your data is encrypted and stored on the server, which is guarded with multiple layers of security to protect it from unauthorized access. This is especially important for chiropractors, as they deal with sensitive patient information on a daily basis.

Cloud backup is also very convenient. You can access your data from any device with an internet connection, which is especially useful for chiropractors who are on the go. This means you can restore your data, view patient records, and more from your phone, tablet, or laptop, regardless of where you are.

Another advantage of cloud backup for ChiroTouch EHR is that it is easy to use. The provider of the cloud backup service will handle all of the technical details, so you can focus on running your practice. All you have to do is set up the backup schedule, and the provider will automatically store copies of your data on the remote server.

Overall, cloud backup is an important tool for chiropractors who want to protect their EHR data and ensure the smooth operation of their practice. It is highly secure, convenient, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for chiropractors who want to keep their patient records and other information safe and accessible.


How Chiro-Backup Works?

We install and configure backup software remotely in 15 minutes. You are all set. We backup your chirotouch database, server files, patient files daily. To meet the HIPAA requirements your files are encrypted.

How much Chirotouch server backup cost monthly?

Since you're probably going to be paying for a backup service for years, cost is an important factor to consider. Our server backup service costs $399/annually

Restoring Files and Folders

When you need to restore your files, simply call or email us. You will find a copy of your backups in your external hard drive. We connect to your PC and restore folder/files even when your operation system(windows) is crashed.

Why Chiro-Backup?

  • Good Customer Service
  • Same day disaster recovery
  • Encrypted backup, HIPAA Compliant
  • Automated
  • Secure: All data is stored in secure datacenters with 24-hour staff, biometric security and redundant power.

We cater to all your IT needs, providing comprehensive server maintenance, updates, and backups.

With our service, you can access your data from anywhere with ease.

Rest assured, server-related issues are rare, as we guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Enjoy top-notch server performance with the latest and best equipment available in the market.

Experience no limits on storage, databases, and users, providing you with the freedom to expand as needed.

Moreover, we offer the most affordable prices in the cloud market.

Our dedicated support team ensures a rapid 15-minute response time to address any queries or concerns you may have

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Server

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Security Standards for the Protection of Electronic Protected Health Information (HIPAA Security Rule), and the Notification in the Case of Breach of Unsecured Protected Health Information were enacted as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (HITECH Breach Notification Requirements) for the security and privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI) in the United States.

The scope of the Type 1 HIPAA attestation is all of the cloud services and US Data Centers