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Introduction: In the modern landscape of chiropractic practice management, ChiroTouch has established itself as an invaluable tool. This software, designed to streamline operations and enhance patient care, relies on the underlying Micro
2023/08/07 database chirotouch sql
Introduction: Selecting the right server configuration for your chiropractic practice's Chirotouch software is pivotal to ensure smooth operations, efficient patient care, and data security. The Chirotouch server forms the backbone o
2023/08/07 chirotouch server
Understanding and Addressing "Primary Filegroup Is Full" Error in Chirotouch Have you encountered the frustrating "Chirotouch PSChiro because the primary filegroup is full" error? Rest assured, this i
2023/08/07 chirotouch error server
User friendly patient database, imaging tools, & acquisition Powered by medical imaging’s fastest distribution engine and open Web-based technologies, Opal-RAD will change the way you think about taking x-rays. A feat
2022/11/02 opal 2020 xray backup
ChiroTouch Version - July 2022
2022/08/14 chirotouch update
Transfering chirotouch from old server to the new server ChiroTouch is the cloud standard in chiropractic software and the only completely integrated EHR software that can be accessed any way, anytime, and on any device.
Transfer Chirotouch to the new server Are you thinking about to buy a new server for Chirotouch?
Eclipse ECLIPSE is an ONC certified Complete EHR licensed t
2022/03/24 eclipse cloud server
Exception of type. 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.An error has occurred at ProcessAllLinks() from Ips.ChiroTouch.ChartNotes In short, and very simplified, "Out of memory" does not really mean that the amoun
2022/03/16 chirotouch error
EZBIS chiropractic software has been created with the input of thousands of chiropractors over four decades. EZBIS is the premier solution for patient accounting and billing, chiropractic electronic health records, appointment scheduling with auto
2022/03/14 ezbis local-server
If you read this article your sql database size is probably getting closer to 10GB limit. Chirotouch comes with Microsoft SQL Express version which support up to 10 gigabyte database size limit. Your chirotouch will stop working when it hits to th
2021/12/16 chirotouch database sql
Step by step instructions to Chirotouch installation on PC/workstation. Video story
Slow Chirotouch? How to fixAs you may know chirotouch runs on Microsoft SQL database. If your chirotouch suddenly decided to run slower, here some possibilities that are causing it. Reboot your Chirotouch Ser
Chirotouch is a best software in industry. To have stable and professional Chirotouch server you may need to host it on cloud. 99.9% Server uptime guaranteed by cloud server company. In this article we will try to explain some best cloud computin
Chirotouch Mobile Access Instructions for Apple iPad Chirotouch offers convenient mobile access capabilities for Apple iPad devices, allowing you to access Chirotouch from anywhere. To set up this functionality, please f
2023/08/07 chirotouch ipad
To avoid hardware related issues you may want to use virtual/cloud servers for your Chirotouch. In this article we will try to explain what do you need to setup your chirotouch on cloud server. What exactly do you need?
Chirotouch stores all data in a database applciation which is Microsoft SQL. To get better performance from SQL operations your server needs more memory (ram). Also another important thing is hard drive. For Chirotouch you should use S
2022/06/28 chirotouch server
Cloud server is a part of a physical server that is located in a data center. Host your chirotouch in datacenter provide you stable, fast and worry-free computing.