Chirotouch Database SQL Express Size exceeded 10 gigabyte limit

Chirotouch Database SQL Express Size exceeded 10 gigabyte limit

Chirotouch Database SQL Express Size exceeded 10 gigabyte limit

2021/12/16 by John

If you read this article your sql database size is probably getting closer to 10GB limit. Chirotouch comes with Microsoft SQL Express version which support up to 10 gigabyte database size limit. Your chirotouch will stop working when it hits to the limit.

What can be done to avoid SQL Upgrade from express to standart version which cost several thousand dollar?

Option 1: Shrink database

Yes. There is a tool in SQL Express that will help you to shrink database and decreese file size of your SQL data. If you never did shrink operation for your database that could be a good choice for you to avoid sql upgrade.

  • • If you have support plan with chirotouch they can do that for you. Simply contact with them using chat or call them and ask for database shrink. PS: do not try to do it yourself. You may lose data if you dont have experience with SQL.
  • • If you dont want to deal with chirotouch We can do that for you. Call us 888-217-7317 or send us an email it’s $149 one time charge. SQL support is free if you have server support plan with us which is $49/mo

Option 2: Delete system logs

System logs are taking several gigabyte space. Delete system logs in your database will give you some more time till you need upgrade.

Option 3: Move your server to the cloud server

Yes. Some of our clients were having issues with their database. We have moved their server to data center. Cloud server is $150/mo that comes with 8x5 tech support, 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Dell 3020 Workstation Ultra SFF, Intel I5 4 Cores, 8GB Ram, 256 GB SSD Storage, Windows 10 Pro, WiFi

$ 349
2 Years Warranty
Free Migration
Chirotouch, Eclipse, EZBis ready


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