System Requirements for a Robust Chirotouch Server Setup

System Requirements for a Robust Chirotouch Server Setup

System Requirements for a Robust Chirotouch Server Setup

2023/08/07 by John


Selecting the right server configuration for your chiropractic practice's Chirotouch software is pivotal to ensure smooth operations, efficient patient care, and data security. The Chirotouch server forms the backbone of your practice management, storing vital patient records, appointments, and billing information. In this article, we'll delve into the essential system requirements that form the foundation of a robust Chirotouch server setup.

  1. Hardware Specifications:

The hardware you choose for your Chirotouch server plays a critical role in its performance and reliability. Here are the key hardware specifications to consider:

  • Processor (CPU): A multi-core processor with ample processing power is essential to handle database queries, appointments, and patient records efficiently.
  • Memory (RAM): Aim for a minimum of 16GB of RAM to ensure smooth multitasking and quick retrieval of patient data.
  • Storage: Utilize fast and dependable storage solutions like SSDs to reduce data access times and improve overall system responsiveness.
  • Network Interface: Opt for Gigabit Ethernet to facilitate seamless communication between the server, workstations, and devices.
  1. Operating System:

Choosing a suitable operating system for your Chirotouch server is crucial for stability and compatibility. Chirotouch supports Windows Server operating systems. Ensure that the chosen OS is up-to-date with the latest patches and updates to enhance security.

  1. Database Management System:

The Chirotouch software utilizes a database management system (DBMS) to store and manage patient information. Microsoft SQL Server is recommended for optimal performance. Make sure the DBMS version is compatible with the Chirotouch software and adheres to system requirements.

  1. Network Infrastructure:

A reliable network infrastructure is vital to ensure seamless connectivity between the Chirotouch server and user workstations. Consider these factors:

  • Bandwidth: Adequate network bandwidth is essential for swift data transfers between the server and devices, particularly during peak usage times.
  • Firewall and Security: Implement a robust firewall and security protocols to safeguard patient data from potential cyber threats.
  1. Backup and Redundancy:

Protecting patient data is paramount. Establish a robust backup strategy to ensure data integrity. Regularly back up your Chirotouch database and critical files to an offsite location or cloud service. Redundant power supplies and backup hardware can also minimize downtime in case of hardware failure.


Setting up a Chirotouch server that meets the system requirements is pivotal to maintaining a streamlined and efficient chiropractic practice. By investing in suitable hardware, operating systems, and networking components, you can create a reliable foundation for your practice management software. Consult with Chirotouch support or IT professionals to ensure your server setup aligns with the software's specifications and guidelines. A well-optimized Chirotouch server not only enhances your practice's efficiency but also guarantees secure and reliable patient care.

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